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yay.. these are fun

full name: Eric Michael Malmquist
nicknames: little man... umm.. thats about it i think
sex: Male
birthplace: Minneapolis, MN
school: Hopkins Highschool
height: 5'5''
weight: about 112

the future side
school: MIT or mabee just some tech collage in MN
children: no way, they wouldn't be happy with me
future daughter's name: Rei, Amy or possibly Katie
future son's name: Logan, or Bobby
honeymoon: Japan... or the UK somewhere. (thats where paul oakenfold was born)
new home: mabee MN..... but near a city, cause i like the clubs

the favourites side
possession: Computer or my clear quartz stone.. its interesting, dont ask me why
food: DEFINATLY Gyros
snack: Any kind of sour candy
drink: Water, coffee or Cocacola
thing to wear: lots of black... some times some bright stuff, but candy raver braclets always... ^_^
tv show: Simpsons or Family Guy
movie: Starship Troopers
cd: Paul Oakenfold - Another World
singer: I dont know any singers names.....
weekend activity: "dance partys" being abnoxious in Kmart, shooting potatoe guns, and playing paintball and computer games.
day of the week: SATURDAY
month: July
season: Summer
color: Green or Purple
holiday: Free presents for athiests day (aka "christ"mas)
number: 69 lol shut up jk... its 13
vegetable: Couliflour.. spelling?
cereal: Frosted Mini wheats BITE SIZE!!!!!
fruit: bannanas, even though im HORRABLY alergic to them
animal: Cat then Dragon
flower: White rose... it looks so sad and lonely
toothpaste: Whitening
school subject: technology stuff
shampoo and conditioner: white rain
perfume: dont really use it
song currently love: Paul Oakenfold - Eugina 2000
music video: all music videos have are rap and rock artists... and some pop. which all suck
relative: dunno?
disney character: Probably ... i dont know! mufasa, if thats how you spell it
warner bros: huh?

the crazy side
rings before you answer the phone: as many as i want (i make the ringing noise by myself after i pick it up to confuse them hahahha)
eat chicken fingers with fingers? how else? WITH A FORK? how dumb is that?
give or receive: Give cause that makes the other person happy, and i like that.
schools have you attended: Glen lake elimentery, Hopkins West Jr high, Hopkins High
instruments: Turntables baby... vinil scratching is the shit
one pillow or two: 1
ice cubes or no ice cubes: ice cubes
things you collect: music and pretty stones

the people you know side
friends: anne, heather, allie, bob, sarah, amber... umm... nick, steven, Ian, will, derek o., sorry if i didnt name you.
best friends: RIGHT now? Anne, alliebob... actually i have no idea...
best at keeping secrets: I CANT TRUST ANY OF THEM!! well acutally derek is ok.
friends you have but wish you didn't: that cute japanise candy raver.... shes so cute!
funniest: DEREK BY FAR
smartest: Anne, Heather, Derek
most innocent-looking: Steven haha hes so dorky, even more than me!
most hyper: Derek, he throws pennies at cars. hes the best ^_^

the one or the other
boy or girl: Girls... i used to think i was Bi... but i dont think so, im just more intouch with my inner-woman
day or night: Night time baby.
pen or pencil: Pen, it pisses of my teacher.
hugs or kisses: both. i LOVE hugs from everyone, but both from one person...
coke or pepsi: Coke
vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate
apples or oranges: Oranges
britney or chirstina: i hate them

believe it or not side
love at first sight: probably not.
angels: NO
aliens: Yes
heaven and hell: NO

the have you been side
been on a plane: no
cried in public: yes
climbed a tree: many times, expeccially during the paintball games
fell asleep in a movie theatre: no...
met a celebrity: no
met the president: no
gotten a cavity: Nope
had an online relationship: no
said "i love you" and meant it: i suppose.. wasnt IN love though...
made prank calls: Yep, all the time
loved someone so much it made you cry: yes...

the what do you think of when you hear side
dreams: havent had one for 2 years
love: heh... hehe... heh.. thats a horrable question
suicide: guns
whipped cream: foreplay
music: techno/trance/happycore/hardcore/house/old-skool RaVe oN ::peace sign::
money: DJ Equiptment
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